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Computer Science and Engineering

Overview of Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering under the School of Science and Engineering offer Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. Modern world is moving towards the machine and information world, from labor intensive to machine intensive, so the need for computer graduates is the demand of the time. As a result, Computer Science and Engineering has established itself as one of the most important branches of engineering. To face the 21st century's challenges and to confirm the institute’s position at the highest level of research, learning and teaching, the computer science and engineering department has been established at University of Creative Technology Chittagong under the School of Science and Engineering. The technical aspects of this branch of engineering are spanning not only the core areas of computer science such as Algorithms, Databases, Networking, Software Engineering, Theoretical Computer Science, Computer Graphics but also highly interdisciplinary programs, such as Bioinformatics, Data Mining, Computer vision, Wireless Communication and Networking, Data Communication. The B.Sc. Program in Computer Science and Engineering has been designed to improve the competitiveness of the graduates with a strong theoretical background and professional skills as well as to introduce them to the research world.
Nowadays, Computer Science and Engineering is becoming the heart of every other technology and the graduates of Computer Science and Engineering are the premiers of the society. Computer engineers are responsible for numerous areas of technology, including software development, database design, embedded system design, animation, system security, networking and telephony, satellite and medical imaging, intelligent system design, robotics, remote sensing, fiber-optic and photonic networks, pattern recognition. The computer science and engineering program prepares students for careers related to these critical areas of technology, and seeks to produce graduates who have:

  • a strong foundation in theory and practical aspects of engineering
  • a wide repertoire of techniques and skills for the effective practice of modern technological matters
  • the ability to transform real world problems into practical formulation.
  • a broad education and ethical awareness to serve as responsible professionals
  • an ability to expand their knowledge to adapt to changes in technology etc
  • To produce a well-rounded and well-balanced graduates who can use different technological tools to solve real world problems
  • To encourage the students to take up industry specific projects
  • To train and educate students as Global Citizens
  • To use modern techniques in teaching and learning process

Department of CSE

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